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Pre Sea Training

for Saloon Rating

Cooks finishing main courses, putting greens on plates with rise and meat, close-up on table with meals in the kitchen. Chefs wearing gloves and uniform. Concept of haute cuisine and professional cooking for restaurant

Course Overview

Saloon Rating is a Six months Pre-Sea Training Program. The training comprises of theoretical and Practical study of Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, House-keeping and Maritime Familiarization which gives the successful trainees an opportunity to join the merchant shipping in the Hospitality Department. As a Catering/Saloon rating you’ll perform a variety of jobs as well as being cook or cook/steward – such as forming part of emergency response teams involved in fire fighting, security and passenger controller rescue duties. Candidate joins the ship as an Mess Boy & after 6 months of sea service candidate gets promoted to Asst.Steward, and further gets Promoted to Steward, Second Cook, Cook, Chief Cook.

Course Info

Candidates are strongly recommended to have Passports. Please note that the name in the Passport should be the same as given in the 10th Std. Certificate. Passport should not bear ‘ECR REQUIRED’ Endorsement.

Candidate must have successfully completed the School Secondary Certificate i.e. Class X with: At least 60% marks with at least 50% marks in English from a recognized board.

Minimum age of Candidate shall be 17.5 years, can be up to only 25 years at the time of commencement of course.

To be declared fit for selection, a candidate must be in good mental and physical health and free from any deficiency likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duties. Medically fit as per the M.S. (Medical Examination of Seafarer) rules 2000 as amended from time to time and also as per the D.G. Shipping guidelines.

Use of corrective lenses for eyesight is permitted but the maximum permissible limits, at entry, are 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in better eye and 6/18 in other eye for distant unaided vision. Color blindness is not permitted. Movement of the eyeballs must be full in all direction and the pupils should react normally to lighting conditions.

Pre Sea Training for Saloon Rating is a 6 months full time programme starting twice a year i.e. every January and July.